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Pan seared strip steak | roasted butternut | roasted brussls sprouts


Stylish Meets Delicious

 Cooking is something I fell into watching a variety of cooking shows on the Food Network. I began copying the recipes to see if I could recreate the dishes from the various shows. This eventually led me to enroll in culinary school with Johnson and Wales to grow and gain more knowledge as a chef.  I enjoy cooking and bringing smiles to the people that I've cooked for and look forward to preparing your next meal. Check out my new interview with The Early Days: why did you start a business


Whipped sweet potatoes | seared scallops | green beans.
Arancini | fresh tomato sauce
Mussels in coconut broth
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 Chef Christopher Stephens

Personal Chef

Dallas, TX/ 214-527-4435
Business insured

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