Meal Prep

Updated: Mar 29

8.00 dollars a meal

All orders need to be received by Sunday by 6 pm

Delivery is Tuesday and Wednesday

Pan roasted salmon, diced sweet potatoes, sauteed green beans

Sous Vide chicken thighs, steamed brown rice, basil pesto, sauteed spinach

Gulf shrimp, brown rice pilaf, steamed broccoli

Pork tenderloin, whipped sweet potatoes, cranberry apple relish

Vegetable enchiladas, Spanish brown rice, black beans, lime sour cream

Turkey meatballs, orzo pasta, tomato and basil salad, spicy marinara

Soup of the Week:

Beef and Vegetable soup-1 qt


Payments are accepted through

Venmo: chris-stephens-139

cashapp: $chefstephens4

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